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"Gave this watch to my husband because he developed a severe metal allergy and he is absolutely over the moon about it as he hasn't been able to wear a watch in years!"

D Bradfield, Canberra ACT

"Love my new watch guys! I adjusted it to fit perfectly (pretty easy by the way) and I think I might need to get another colour like the blonde. It's comfortable, stylish, eco and I have already received tons of compliments on it.

Gene, Hobart TAS

"What can I say, the Wewood is wristacular! This watch is really lovely and feels light on my wrist even though it looks quite substantial."

Eliza, Adelaide SA

"Not being a status symbol guy, I still like neat things and felt like this watch isn't too showy. In spite of it being made from natural material, it's pretty slick and I get compliments every time I wear it."

James, Melbourne VIC

"I’m a big fan in every way! Great customer service, great product and best of all, I got my watch in a hurry without shipping cost. I’ve already referred my friends to the site and I know they are going to love it as much as I do."

Cheryl, Melbourne VIC

"Love my new wooden watch! I adjusted it to fit perfectly (pretty easy, by the way) and I think I might need to get another colour like the blonde. It's comfortable, stylish, eco and I have already received tons of compliments on it."

Charles, Perth WA



    Do you have a spare hour this weekend? Tomorrow, Saturday 29th March, marks the 7th annual Earth Hour and we have our alarms set to ensure we don’t miss this incredible global initiative.


    Since 2007, the World Wild Fund (WWF) have been able to spread the important message of climate change impact across the globe, with 154 countries expected to participate this year.


    We encourage the WeWood community to become involved in this movement. It's so easy to get involved! You can partake by simply switching off your lights for the one hour between 8:30pm-9:30pm local time.


    You can also support the initiative by taking the Earth Hour pledge or donate here.


    If you need more incentive to participate here are four more important reasons:


    (1)  It will prevent tonnes of emissions from entering the atmosphere, while also spreading an important message.

    (2)  A chance to consider lifestyle changes to cut your energy usage by appreciating the luxuries.

    (3)  Opportunity to take a stand and make a difference.

    (4)  Simple changes can have a large impact. In 2013, Bangkok recorded a 1,699 MW reduction, which eliminated approximately 1,073 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions!!


     While switching off a light may seem like no big deal, we can all make an impact with everything we do in our daily lives. 




    If you’re looking for a way to boost your luck this St. Patrick’s Day you’ve come to the right place. We've compiled five steps to find a four leaf clover.

    According to tradition, four leaf clovers bring luck to their finders due to their rarity. The clover is a mutation of a shamrock (a three leaf clover) and it's estimated that a four-leaf clover appears in approximately 1 in every 10,000 shamrocks. 

    We’ve done our research and compiled steps to help you become a shamrock searching pro in five steps.

    (1) Find a large clover patch.

    (2) Glance and scan. The trick is to glance down as you look and scan – no point in getting a magnifying glass and individually examining each clover.

    (3) Odd clovers stand out. A mutated four-leaf clover should stand out against all the three leaf clovers; your eyes should naturally be drawn to the odd one out.

    (4) Mark the patch – if you find a few in the same area this is most likely a hot spot and somewhere to continue inspecting.

    (5) Breed a never-ending supply. Once found – you can try to preserve the clover or even try to breed more.


    Why stop at a four-leaf clover? The Guinness Book of Records cites a 56 leaf clover found in Morioka, Japan in 2009 as the clover with the most leaves. Check out the photo above. Imagine the luck the finder of that clover must have!

  • We were lucky enough to be featured at the Undress Runway Melbourne fashion show as part of the Sustainable Living Festival on February 15. The show highlights Australian sustainable fashion designers and it was a pleasure to be involved in an event that aims to increase awareness of sustainable fashion.

    You can find out more about Undress Runways and what they do here!

    Check out some pictures below from the event.


    Photo Courtesy of Heifer International

     As you know, we are absolutely obsessed with trees! All kinds - all shapes - and all sizes! We especially like the kind that you can plant and keep as projects. As part of our new feature blog post, we will be offering up new, fun ways to make trees and plant life a part of your surroundings. 


    How to build your very own SODA BOTTLE TERRARIUM:

    Farmers understand the relationship between the water cycle and plant growth. A neat way to teach kids about this relationship is to build a soda bottle terrarium.

    Terrariums demonstrate Earth’s natural water cycle by creating a miniature ecosystem. They require little maintenance and are a great way to re-purpose old bottles, mason jars or fish bowls. Plus, they brighten up a windowsill with green during the winter. Choose plants that flourish in humid conditions. Carnivorous plants, such as the Venus fly trap, thrive in terrariums.



    • A two-liter soda bottle
    • Pebbles
    • Soil
    • Marker
    • Seeds or seedlings
    • Scissors
    • Activated charcoal and sphagnum moss (optional)

    Begin by drawing a line around the bottle about six inches from the bottom.  Cut along the line with scissors. Kids, please get an adult to do this part. Line the bottom part of the bottle with pebbles. Next, add a thin layer of charcoal and a moss layer if you choose to include them.

    Then, add the soil and plant the seeds. You want to plant six to ten seeds, because they may not all sprout. Later you can remove a few and keep the largest ones. Water the seeds, but don’t over water. The soil should be damp, but not muddy.

    Take the top part of the soda bottle and push it over the bottom section. Push it down until it fits snugly and there is a good overlap of the plastic. Make sure to screw the cap on tightly.

    Place your terrarium in a place that gets sunlight. Don’t leave it in direct sunlight all day; the inside of the bottle will get too hot.

    There you have it. For more details about terrarium upkeep, visit Terrarium Man’s website.







    If you live in Sydney or Melbourne, Auckland or Wellington, the University of Sydney wants to know how much you think your wellbeing depends on nature being a part of your daily life! 

    The aim of this research is to find out whether urban adult residents of large cities in Australia and New Zealand experience the same benefits of interacting with animals and plants as shown in many of the international studies. Cool, huh?

    Have your say in the research by completing their survey:http://www.whoneedsnature.com/ 

  • Tea Tree Oil

    Tea Tree comes from the evergreen leaves of the Australian Melaleuca Alternifolia tree. It has been known for its healing and disinfecting properties for over a century and a wealth of scientific evidence exists to support its effectiveness. It is one of nature's finest antibiotics because it is so effective at killing bacteria. It's found at most major health stores and pharmacies. Check out it's amazing uses below: 


    1. Aromatherapy - Use a drop or two of the oil on a warm washcloth and inhale to treat colds, viruses, cough, toothaches or problems caused by bacteria.


    2. Acne - Avoid using those expensive treatments full of unwanted chemicals. Just dab a drop of tea tree oil on a damp cotton ball and apply to trouble spots.


    3. Dandruff - Tea Tree oil is very effective against dandruff! Use 5% tea tree oil to shampoo. About 3-4 drops of oil into a whole bottle of your natural scentless shampoo and you will notice within a few days your dandruff has disappeared!


    4. Nail Infections - Have a hang nail? Or just an irritation? Dab a bit of oil onto the nail acts as an antibacterial agent, but does not cause irritation to the skin. 


    5. Sinus infections - Tea Tree oil is antiviral and antibacterial, making it great for any sort of infection. Just boil the water and add a few drops tea tree oil. Remove from heat and put towel over your head, breathe in for about 10-15 minutes. 


    6. Cleaning Spray - You get the gist: Anything that needs disinfecting, cleaning, or balancing can benefit from tea tree oil. Combine 4-5 drops of oil with 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Use to clean household surfaces like countertops and kitchen floors.  


    7. Household Antiseptic Spray - Similar to above, but add double the drops (10 drops of oil) to 2 cups of water in a spray bottle for tough areas like the bathroom and sink. Even use to clean the bottoms of shoes for an antibacterial purpose.


    8. Mold Remover - Use the concentration of antiseptic spray in #7 above, and spray on moldy areas, but do not wipe up or rise. Let it sit and it will take care of any problems.


    9. Laundry Detergent - Add 3-4 drops of oil to your detergent for mold-prone items like chunky sweaters and wool. Tea tree oil is a powerful mold fighter.


    10. Air Freshener - To make your own essential oil gel air freshener, you'll need 2 tablespoons of clear gelatin powder, tea tree oil, a ½ cup of hot water, and clean, clear jars of your choice. Stir together and heat the clear gelatin powder, approximately 20 drops of essential oil, and the water. Pour the liquid into clean jar(s) once the gelatin has melted. Put the jars in the refrigerator until the gel has set.


    1. October is here and it's the beginning of a well worthy cause!

      Buy Nothing New Month planted roots in Melbourne, and has since spread the collective, conscientious consumption movement globally. 

      In 2011, Sydney Morning Herald ran a poll asking "is Buy Nothing New Month a good idea?" Over 10,000 voted. 82% said “yes” 
      It's a one month challenge to buy nothing new (with the exception of essentials like food, hygiene and medicines) 

      Buy Nothing New Month isn't Buy Nothing New Never. Nor is it about going without. 

      It's literally about taking one month off to really think, "Do I really need it?" If I do, “can I get it second-hand, borrow it or rent it? What are my alternatives? Can I borrow from a friend? Can I swap with my neighbor?" It's about thinking where our stuff comes from (finite resources) and where it goes when we're done (often landfill) and what are the fantastic alternatives out there to extend the life of our 'stuff'. 

      It's easy. It's fun. It's moving from consumption-driven to community-driven. 

      It's good for us, our wallets and our planet. 
      Find out more about this great cause here: http://bit.ly/18MnlKn

    2. It's Market Season!

       As summertime approaches, we are wanting to spend more time outside and enjoying the elements (yay!)

       This year, we are extremely proud to be a part of some innovative local pop up markets, including Greville St Market! #summer

       Situated in sunny Melbourne’s southside, Greville Market was a great way to meet our local fans, hear useful feedback and show off our new styles. It was an absolute pleasure at meeting with interesting designers and brainstorming collaborations. #grevillestreet

       Make sure to stay tuned and catch us other homegrown markets popping up all around Australia. 


    Feel the difference nature can bring. Completely absent of artificial or toxic material, WeWood fashion watches are as natural and kind as the wrist that carries it. Your WeWood watch breathes the same air we breathe, respects our skin as we respect nature by supporting sophisticated sustainability.

    As alive as nature, your timepiece records your sensations and shares your experiences and may awaken memories from another time and place. The perfect natural mate, the eco cool watches of WeWood tell a story that becomes yours to wear, smell and feel.


    WeWood Australia

    Carbon Neutral helps households and organisations across Australia minimise their impact on our environment by measuring and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

    Carbon Neutral is a not-for-profit carbon consultancy and offset provider. We assist clients to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions. 

    We're passionate about our native Australian landscape, and our focus is on developing biodiverse reforestation plantings and carbon sinks. 

    With over ten years' experience, Carbon Neutral has built a reputation as a trusted and experienced environmental partner. Our services include carbon reduction strategies, carbon consulting, carbon calculators, Plant-a-Tree programmes, carbon neutrality verification, green marketing support, workshops and seminars.