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In this day and age, it’s hard to understand how wearing a simple watch can become more than just a timekeeper. Whilst being punctual to lunch dates or job interviews, are definitely a plus, the simple watch on your wrist can translate to so much more. A fashionable timepiece, an accompanying accessory, a bold statement or merely a reflection of your personality – the watch you wear on your wrist, ultimately is your choice, and is a well thought out decision, usually arrived through numerous reasoning.

WeWood Watches doesn’t differ from other watch brands in that regard. We are a fashionable timepiece, an accompanying accessory, a bold statement and can definitely reflect individual personalities. However, that is where those similarities end, because our 100% wooden watches are all that plus more. Being completely made from organic, live material, our watches are completely absent of artificial or toxic material. Every unique watch, matching every unique wrist, is hypo-allergenic, suiting even the most sensitive.

Our newest friend (and fan), Sheridyn Fisher, shows us why she chose WeWood Watches, in her latest end of summer shoot.


"I really love the Earth / raw look and what the brand stands for. It's very suited to my morals and what I stand for." says Sheridyn, "I love a very Earthy natural style that is chic & simplistic." 

Having stumbled upon our WeWood brand, while catching a flight at the airport, Sheridyn just couldn't help but fall in love! Being an avid nature lover, and leading a healthy vegan lifestyle, WeWood was just the only natural choice for her! 

So, whilst it's hard to understand how wearing a simple watch can be more than a timekeeper, it definitely is not hard to understand how WeWood is an easy choice. 





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