Earth Day 2015

Posted on by Tam Tran

Although today is globally recognised as Earth Day, here at WeWood we like to try help the planet, and make the world a little bit better everyday. 
For every WeWood purchased, we give back to our beautiful Earth, and plant a tree through our partnership with 'American Forests', 'Trees For The Future', and more locally, 'Conservation Volunteers'. 

In five years of partnership, we have planted over 350,000 trees with the help of our partners and loyal customers. Check out the story of our trees below: 


Anybody can celebrate Earth Day and make a difference in such small, simple ways:

1. Promote the understanding of important environmental issues. Making people aware, and informing them on how little steps such as recycling or being energy conservative can protect and sustain our environment, makes all the difference. 

2. Immerse yourself within local and community initiatives - walking to work / school, planting trees, cleaning up local parks. 

3. Using eco-friendly products. 

4. Take a walk, and just appreciate Mother Nature's beauty. 


Happy Earth Day 2015! There are an endless amounts of way to get involved! Check out Earth Day's website at: for more information! 


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