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And Article on Wewood featured on 'Im Not Fussy'

Posted on September 13 2012



There is a great deal we could tell you about the We-wood line of eco-luxury watches. We could tell you that Colin Firth is smitten with his black We-Wood, as tweeted by his wife and creative director of, Livia Firth. (picture or link could boast that Marie Claire named the We-wood watch one of the most anticipated products of 2012. We could regale you with the tale of how a Florence shoemaker channeled his affection for timepieces and his traditional Italian craftsmanship into create a stunning, timber timepiece. We could also inform you that a tree is planted for every single Wewood watch sold, and we will, later. Yet one of the most notable things about the Wewood watch is how it feels.

The phrase that comes to mind is ‘light as a match.’ Whether you admire the Wewood timepiece for its eco-friendly, sustainable production, its on-trend wood construction or its avant-garde marriage of the natural and the temporal, the Wewood watch is a little slice of heaven on your wrist. The Wewood watch is ultra light, breathable and a nice material to have resting against your bare skin. The wood used to create these magnificent timepieces is completely free of artificial and toxic materials making the Wewood watch non-allergenic and a good choice for people who may not be able to wear a metal watch. All Wewood watches have customizable bands (done by easily removing or adding links) that allows the wearer to get precisely the fit he or she desires.

In today’s IPhone culture, many people find wearing a watch obsolete, one just need to peer at one’s phone to discern the time. And yet, for exactly this reason, the watch has become a favourite with youth counter-culture and the hipster crowd. Because watches are no longer a necessity for most of us, they have become in essence, little wearable art works, statement pieces designed to make you think or tell you something about the wearer. So what can wearing a Wewood watch say about you?

A timber timepiece is an ideal natural mate and the tree is a perfect icon for the modern eco movement as a tree is ‘rooted but reaching’. Wood is also one of those natural materials that looks better with age, making the Wewood watch retain its beauty ad infinitum. The Wewood watch offers the graceful juxtaposition of the modernity a timepiece and the polished rusticism of wood. Not all of us planet lovers lean in the direction of patchouli and patchwork vests. Some of us do-good types prefer the modern appeal of fine Italian craftsmanship, the beauty of natural wood grain and the luxury of a well-made timepiece. And for those of us that lean in that more sophisticated direction, the Wewood watch is as stylish as it is sustainably harvested.

In today’s world, there is rampant “greening” of consumer products. So the question must be asked. Does Wewood really deliver on its eco-friendly promise? The answer is unequivocally yes. Wewood, in partnership with American Forests(link), plants a tree for every Wewood watch sold. Additionally, the watches are made without the use of artificial and toxic chemicals. Wewood is on a mission to “make watches to protect and restore forest wildlife, clean water and carbon sequestration.” For each watch purchased, one tree will be planted, and by the end of 2012, WeWOOD’s partners, American Forests, will have planted over 35 million trees. 

WeWOOD watches come in a variety of varying styles, and most styles are available in several different varieties of wood: Maple, Red Celtis, Mahogany, Coffee Tree, Blackwood, Guaiaco and Indian Rosewood Wood. 

These eco-luxury timepieces are available in designs for men, women and unisex. WeWOOD has launched two new timepieces created specifically for women called the Odyssey and Moon.


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