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Where can I buy a hypoallergenic Watch?

Posted on November 13 2012

Where can I buy a hypoallergenic Watch?

Answer - WeWOOD watches!!!

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Not a lot of people are aware that not only do WeWOOD watches have excellent eco-friendly credentials, WeWOOD Watches are also completely toxin free and hypoallergenic, which means that our watches are suitable for people that suffer with the following skin complaints such as dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

WeWOOD watches are also nickel free which in itself is an allergy that means that sufferer is probably unable to a wear a watch unless that watch is not made from a material that contains nickel, which so many of the watches on the market nowadays do.  Some questions we get asked a lot by our customers who suffer from skin allergies:

Are the watches made completely from wood?

Answer - Yes, with the exception of the clasp which is made from metal however this is such as small part of the watch it is unlikely in our experience to cause a reaction.

Is the back of the face made from wood?

Answer - Yes the back of the face is made from wood.  One of the main causes of watch reactions is that a watch can claim its hypoallergenic however the back of the face is made from a metal that can cause a nickel reaction that ca be a waste of time and money to the purchaser.

Whilst we can never fully guarantee that a Wewood Watch would not cause a skin reaction we have taken extreme care to ensure that our watches are produced in an toxin free environment and made from materials suitable to most allergy sufferers.

Please browse our online shop to see our wonderful selection of watches that are not only beautifully designed and crafted, friendly to our environment and finally are suitable for people who suffer with skin complaints and allergies.  A strong trio of USP's if we do not say so ourselves!!!