Cool People Still Wear Watches.

Posted on by tamera v


Some people are proud to rock 'em (like we do) and others think it's way too old school. After all, it's 2013 - why should we bother with the old when smart phones are around? So, the question remains - "Did technology really kill the wristwatch?"

ABSOLUTELY NOT! I don't know about you, but we all have smartphones and high tech gadgets here and still feel naked without our WEWOOD watches! Why you ask? It's quicker to look at one's wrist than it is to pull out one's phone. Plus, it's hard NOT to accessorise your wrist when you have such pretty watches out there (like yours truly)!  And, don't forget, when you decide to be a WEWOOD watch owner you are wearing a good cause on your wrist - a tree is planted! Can you say the same about your tech device? 
Anyhow. We love our watches, and don't plan on changing it anytime soon. They are just way too pretty to look at. 

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