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  • Delivery

    Dec 08 2011

    Hi WeWood lovers, the shipment of watches has been sent from Italy last night, so we are very hopeful to have them delivered for christma...

  • Stock Arrived

    Nov 29 2011

     Hi Guys just to let you know stock Arrived and all Pre orders for the Date beiges have been sent out. Due to overwhelming demand we...

  • Apologies about the wait!

    Nov 23 2011

     Hey Guys, I really apologise about the wait for the Date Beiges. Due to very strict Australian customs regulations, AQIS ( aus...

  • The New Jupiter

    Nov 17 2011

     Well the Jupiter will start shipping soon, and we already have loads of pre-orders. So if you want your New Jupiter for Xmas please...

  • Thanks Cleo!

    Oct 25 2011